Thursday, July 06, 2006

Catching Up on Picture Post

OK it’s taken me a while to get some new baby pictures on the site but now I’m on a roll. Check out the following galleries for Julia pictures from the past couple months. Click the pictures to go to the gallery.

Aunt Jackie came to visit on May 10. We got some good shots of Jackie, Gramps and Julia and had a nice time catching up and telling stories.

We got to see all of the mothers on Mothers Day, May 14. Catherine’s parents and her Nana Ruby were down for a weekend visit so we got to have brunch at our house. They had to get on the road to get home to San Rafael so brunch was over too fast.

With so much day left over we decided to run up to Walnut for Mothers Day and surprise Grandma Dee and Great Grandma Grum (Julia’s namesake).

This gallery here has a mix of pictures from a day at the beach to Julia’s 1 Month Birthday.

Can you find the invisible Baby in our matching shirts? For my first Fathers Day (June 18) Julia and I dressed up in matching outfits, loaded Gramps and Catherine in the car and took a drive down the coast. We did a walk around Laguna Beach can came home for chips and salsa on the balcony.

4th Of July Weekend 2006

I had to post a few more pictures from our 4th of July Weekend. This weekend was full of lot’s to do. Sailing in Long Beach, Bike Riding to Seal Beach and the Big Party on the 4th in Huntington Beach at Cousin Bob and Sue's were the highlights.

Julia is growing so fast! 25 inches and 13lbs - 8ozs. At two months she’s growing like a weed.

This weekend she started playing with a toy for the first time. Seems simple enough but we sure got a kick out of watching her play with the yellow giraffe rattle.

We also took a nice long bike ride to Seal Beach where Julia could not stop laughing. You’ll also see pictures here of her taking a bath and getting dressed up in her “All American Girl” 4th of July outfit.

See mixed weekend pictures here.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a Weekend!

The annual 4th of July party at Bob and Sue’s was too fun! What a great day. The burgers were perfect, the beer cold and the band rocked! Check out all the party pictures here.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Julia’s First Sailing Trip

It was time to hit the high seas so one July 2, 2006 we headed out of Long Beach Harbor with the Sennot Family, Brad Smith and Gramps. It was a beautifully hot day with just enough wind to keep us going. We sailed down harbor then up through the Los Angeles working channels amazed by the gargantuan size of the container ships. After a while it was time to drop the girls off to escape the heat at the Long Beach Aquarium while the boys headed back out. After the long day in the sun and several beers later we set the compass for port and called it a day.

Another great day on the water.